Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

I just signed up for the monthly marketing plan and can hardly wait to get started! What do I need to know so I can be completely prepared?

  • What you’d need to know for your first call is that they are on the third Monday of the month. You'll get an email you with a time slot. Please let us know right away if you can’t make the time slot, and reply with a day / time so we can connect. These calls are important because they set the stage for the next month.

HINT: Don't blow off the calls because you are 'too busy'. You're paying for services and the only way they will help you is if you engage in this process. Trust us, it's worth it.

What happens on the monthly conference calls?

  • During our recorded conference call, you'll want to have an idea of what you’d like to focus on for the upcoming month (new services, new products, etc). Also, we'll look a little further into the future: 30, 60, & 90 days out. What are your business goals?
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • What do you want us to come alongside you and support or help you with?
  • What are you excited about that we can help you promote? What’s happening in your business as far as new products, new services?

How do you create content that will help me grow my business, make more money and allow me to have more free time?

Karma Marketing + Media connects with you monthly to determine what’s happening with your business. As a business owner, manager, or company leader, you have to be looking toward something.

  • We just need to talk about what that is - maybe it’s something like a company vision, a new product, new service/offerings. Maybe you are a business that follows a seasonal calendar - or functions around calendar holidays.
  • What is coming up for you?
  • What excites you?
  • And what do you want future/potential clients to know about you? There’s always something happening or you wouldn’t exist, so let's talk about what's new, better, exciting, interesting, etc.

Do I really need to take one hour a month for this plan?

Allowing for a block of time where you can be completely focused on your business and the marketing goals of your business is critical for the success of our monthly marketing partnership.

The success of the growth you’ll see in your business relies on you engaging or re-engaging in your business. It all rides on the amount of time that you invest in the calls and the amount of thought and reflection you can provide during the call. We want you to be successful. Really successful.

When we take these phone calls can I just be driving in my car?

No. You need to be at your computer. You need to have internet. You need to be able to pull up your own website and any other supporting documents that you have.

You'll want to have your info and notes handy.
Things like:
  • staff meetings
  • business meetings
  • leadership meeting notes
  • anything that you’ve talked about as a business/organization
  • things you’d like to see happen, new ideas that you’re going to be trying to implement, etc.

You need to be able to share that information with Karma. If you are needing support in your marketing, avoiding the pain and agony of doing the marketing yourself, you’ll want to invest what little time you have in being super-focused and super-dialed in during that phone call that we have with you and your team.

Do you have a content writer? I don’t have time to come up with the words - will you write all of my copy for me?

Sure, we could. But for you to be successful - you have to make time in order to help us grow with you and get your voice captured with a writer. Carving out time from your busy schedule to look at what you have - what’s missing, what’s needed, and what you are and are not saying. Be prepared to clearly communicate - pass over some notes, have a phone call, let us know what is happening when things happen. Communicate to us your ideas, your concepts, your goals, your hopes, your dreams, your fears, etc. will result in better, more clearly focused marketing thank you’ve experienced in the past.

How do You Market to My Clients if You Don’t Know Them?

We get to know them - through you. We need to know about your target audience to make each connection with your audience successful. Who that person is, their age group, their demographic, any details that you can provide up front for us about that person makes for a better message to that person. What are they like? What don’t they like? What are they interested in?

How Will This Monthly Marketing Plan Work For Me?

First - we want to know everything. Why did you sign up for the monthly marketing plan? What are you looking to get out of this? What support are you looking for from us? What are you looking to see happen? Do you have goals you’re trying to meet? What are the goals? Are there new products coming out that you’re gearing up to try to promote? What are they? When are they coming out? Do you do things around specific holidays or seasonally or what do you have happening that needs to be highly focused and prepped for when that time comes we have that already in place when the event takes place.

I Thought of a Great Idea After I Approved My Monthly Plan and Want Additions/Changes…Now What?

If your monthly marketing plan is approved and scheduled - no worries! It will be scheduled and executed throughout the month by the team at Karma Marketing + Media. The approved marketing plan was created around the specific goals that we spoke about, and if something comes in outside that plan, you have options for execution and delivery. We could add it in - and that would be a change order, or we could prepare the new marketing for the next month and make sure that that goes out earlier in the month rather than later.

If I need more hours than my plan allows for custom graphics, further web development, etc. what do you suggest?

We’ve had some pretty decent success with just ten hour packages of block hours or twenty hour packages that can get used above and beyond the marketing plan, or the monthly marketing packages. So let’s say you’re on the $1,000 plan, but you want some additional website changes. Well then that ten hours that you have pre-purchased can just be used for whatever it is you need done with the website.
Block hours can be used in situations where more print or product related artwork is desired as well. Utilizing block hours for access to your own graphic designer (graphic design services) - isn’t in your plan so block hours supplement the artwork time. This also works for any types of services that aren’t in the plan that you initially selected.

What is included in the plan?

Okay, so we start once you sign up and we have all the Admin credentials to your various marketing channels - we have the structure of the plan set up. We traditionally connect with you the third Monday of the month on a twenty minute conference call, where we talk about what’s happening with your organization - your goals, what’s happening with your products/services, and more. From there we have that call transcribed into written document which will break into content for the various channels you’d like to see focused marketing around.

For Facebook: there will be up to ten (approved) posts a month to Facebook on your behalf. These posts do include inspirational graphics, content sharing from other experts in your industry, relevant information for your target audience and more.

For Email Marketing (Constant Contact mailings): Three Constant Contact emails is included in your plan per month. Emails will be sent out to your email list, which we will work with you to have your contacts imported in the Constant Contact and organized into the various groups that we established on our first call. You’ll be receiving information on open rates, bounce rates, and other important data on a weekly basis from Constant Contact. Monthly Tracking Reporting and Consulting: you will receive information regarding where you’re ranking in Google against your competitors that you’ve established on that first call. Keyword phrases that you have communicated to us as important and focused around your business - keywords that you are being found for now, keywords you would like to be found for, and where you’re standing on those keyword phrases.

Google AdWords: Karma Marketing + Media sets up and monitors Google AdWord Campaigns on your behalf. The actual budget for the Google AdWords would be out of the scope of the monthly marketing plan.

Facebook Ads: Facebook Ad creation, monitoring and reporting is included in your monthly plan. The daily/monthly budget is outside the parameters and then also the same with the Facebook Ads.

Broken Link Checking / Browser Testing: Both Broken Link Checking and Browser Testing are done on a quarterly basis. As new devices, browsers, and changes to your website happen - we want you to stay ahead of the changes and make sure you stay current and looking great in every browser and on every device.

What is not included in the plan?

Great question! Being informed will avoid any surprise charges when it comes to your comprehensive marketing plan. What would be extra costs would be the import of those contacts into Constant Contact - that would be one additional fee. Another fee would be the Constant Contact monthly fee that charges directly to your credit card from Constant Contact themselves. Plans start at $12.50 a month for 0 – 500 contacts, and we would take a look at your list and see where you’re starting at as far as your contact list. If you have a couple lists that need to combined, we can combine those into Constant Contact. Normally, there’s a free 30 day trial, then you’d know where you’re at as far as the monthly fee from Constant Contact.

The other additional fees would be the Google AdWords Campaign budget. So if you decided to start with a daily budget of $5.00 that would be charged directly to your credit card if someone clicks on the ad. That would count against your $5.00 a day budget, and that would also be charged directly to your card.

The same would hold true for Facebook. We get those set up for you. We monitor and report on the data for you, but the actual daily budget for clicks on the ad would come directly from Facebook or Google and charged to your credit card.

What is a good budget for me when it comes to Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? What do you guys recommend that I set up for a daily budget or a monthly budget?

Knowing what the goal of the ad is, what you’re trying to get out of the ad, what action you’d like for the person clicking on the ad to take are questions we talk through to establish a solid budget that makes sense. What makes sense for you and a grouping of ads that would get the results you’re looking for and come back and present to you with a budget.

For Google AdWords specifically, there’s a few different avenues you could take. People normally get started in the search ads avenue of Google. Those are the ads if you go to Google, and you type in a keyword phrase that you’d like to be found for, they’re the ads that are found along the top and the right side of the search results. They are text only ads. Several additional benefits beyond the ad itself are set-up for you by Karma. There is a free call extension - an 800 number that’s directed from Google, so if someone clicks on the number or calls it from the desktop version, that will count as a call conversion within Google AdWords so you’ll be able to check how many calls you received in direct response from the Google AdWords.

Another unique feature to Google AdWords is site link extensions. When done properly, this will double the real estate of your Google AdWord Campaigns and allow your viewers to click right through to the content they are looking for. Depending on your goals, and if your budget allows, we do suggest setting up a separate campaign, which is a display ad network. Those are the visual photos that include your logo, maybe highlight products or services, depending on your goal. Those would be the graphic ads that are shown either like whether you’re checking your email on various webpages. They could be web banners. They could be on the right side. They could be within a website. There’s twelve different sizes that could be created, depending on your budget and the goals of the ad.

When it comes to Google and Facebook Ad Campaigns - the setup, monitoring and reporting is all included in the second package monthly plan. Where the additional cost comes in is your daily budget. So if you’re going to do a $10 a day budget, if you max that out with clicks, that means if you’re bidding on specific keyword phrase related to your business and you’re bidding a dollar a click, you’d be able to get ten clicks throughout that day with your ad being shown before they shut off and not show until the next day. That $10 would be charged directly to your credit card from Google themselves. And then the reporting on the clicks, when people clicked on it, who’s clicking on it, where they’re from, that report is going to be coming from Karma, and that’s included in the plan.

If I’m in my busy time of the year and don’t have time to work with you and talk to you and don’t use my plan, do I have to pay for it?

Yes, it’s best to utilize the plan in it’s entirety. We want you to succeed just as much as you do - so using all pieces of the plan will give you the greatest chance for success. All of the pieces in the plan have been set up to work together and bring you the best outcome. If you choose not to utilize one of the pieces, your outcome - your growth in your community might not be as fast or as high. The sales in your store might be lower if you only send out one e-blast instead of three.

The plan is structured - it's really not out to get you. Think of the monthly marketing plan as gears in a machine - they are each there to make everything work in concert so that you get the best-case-scenario outcome - of gaining numbers, gaining visibility, gaining brand awareness, gaining projects, selling products, getting cases - all of the above.

Talking to your customers one time every 30 days isn't enough. You're not strengthening your brand at that point. You're not contacting them with your products and services, what's happening, what's new, what you're excited about. You're not getting them excited if you just drop them a message once a month. People get hundreds of e-mails a day, and you're sending them one in the entire month, you and your brand are lost.

I didn’t use my two hours of website changes/additions, can they roll over and be banked?

The two hours, at your discretion, that you can use for changes to your website. If you do not use it, the hours go away. We will update the rotating header based on the conversations that we have and the other art that we put together. But that two hours - that's just something that you get to use as you see fit. We will send you friendly monthly reminders of the two hours you are able to utilize - if you have a list you’d like to send over, great! We’ll get the work scheduled and taken care of for you.

How do I make sure this plan is successful for me and my business?

It's important to understand that this is a journey between your company and Karma Marketing and Media. There are a lot of moving parts in the monthly plans, and it's important to engage in the process - be prepared for the calls. You can be confident in knowing that we know what we're talking about, and that we are here as your partner, and we're doing what's in your best interest.

Depending where you and your business are in your marketing journey - sometimes the first three months, are building your community - you have to get your community used to receiving content from you, we have to feel out your community based on who the demographics of those people - how many times they like to be reached, what type of media do they like to see from you, what is that voice that they're getting.
Will you see ups and downs in the process? Sometimes - depending on what type of business/organization you are a part of. As far as spikes in engagement (maybe dips in engagement), click-through rates, open rates, or web page views - it's just like your business. Depending on your business/industry, your business may be seasonal, or you may see different activity around holidays. We look at all of that - those trends/activity, and we track those trends with you and with your business. And any kind of change we make, we make sure that you are informed about the change as much as we are informed about the change, or we're not going to make any drastic changes to the plan without knowing that it's going to, in the end, bring you success.

One question that gets asked quite often is why? Why is your monthly marketing system better than a large company that ‘specializes’ in my particular industry.

The answer is simple. Our Monthly Marketing System gets to the core of your business.

Whether you are a dentist, lawyer, motivational speaker, restaurant owner, or condo association, when you work with Karma Marketing + Media, you’ll get more value for your business.

Why? Because we ask questions. Lot of them. We don’t assume things about your business. Sometimes we ask hard questions and you will be challenged. Challenged to think about your business and communicate your goals, hopes, dreams, and fears. We seek to completely understand you and what you need and then assemble a tailored marketing plan that touches all the marketing channels that are important to help you immediate generate more revenue for your business.

You need a marketing company that you can trust and shoots you straight. That’s what we do, and, while it may be a little painful from time to time, rest assured that you’ll be in a better place soon.


Thank you for your interest in Karma Marketing + Media, your full-service Sarasota website design & virtual marketing company.

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