Sarasota SEO 101: What Are Backlinks? Here's What You Need to Know

SEO 101As of April 2018, Google had already raked in an amazing $31.1 billion in sales this year. Of those billions of dollars, we can only imagine what percentage of them were search engine-related.

But what do Google's sales have to do with backlinks?

A lot, as it turns out. You can't have a successful backlink strategy without understanding the connection between the SERPs and backlinks.

What exactly, though, are backlinks? And more importantly, why are they important for your site's SEO strategy?

Stick around for today's SEO 101 course to find out how to utilize backlinks to increase your sales.

SEO 101: What Are Backlinks?

If you've visited our blog before, you already know what SEO is. Backlinks are just one element of effective SEO strategies.

So what are they exactly?

Simply put, backlinks are links which refer people to your site.

Let's say, for example, that a journalist who writes for The New York Times links to your site from the publication's website. You would consider that link a backlink.

As you can imagine, that link will directly impact your business. Keep reading to find out how.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

The primary benefit of receiving a backlink is obvious:


A big-time newspaper or magazine, for instance, has hundreds of thousands to millions of readers. As a result, a link from that publication is a chance for you to reach and convert its readership. For free.

Of course, there are benefits which aren't as obvious to people who don't know much about backlinks. Here are two big ones:

Organic Site Traffic

There are two types of site traffic: paid traffic and organic traffic.

You're probably familiar with paid traffic. If you've ever run a Google ad campaign or social media ad campaign, you've paid for site traffic at some point.

Organic traffic is just the opposite of paid traffic. It's traffic which occurs naturally. And by "naturally," we mean that it's the result of users finding your site via a search engine or some other organic method.

Earning backlinks is an effective way of increasing your organic traffic. The more links to your domain that exist, the more organic traffic your site receives.

Why, however, is organic site traffic such a huge benefit? Why can't you just pay for your traffic forever?

As it turns out, paid traffic is more expensive than organic traffic in the long run. If you pay for traffic, you pay to get your product in front of your target audience once.

But if you earn enough organic site traffic? You no longer have to pay for the majority of your site traffic.

Domain Authority

Trust is critical for businesses today. Without trust, your site visitors aren't going to view your domain as credible.

Backlinks to your site signal that it's trustworthy. Why, after all, would a major news outlet or well-known site link to your website if it was sketchy?

And domain authority is good for more than building trust. Your site's search engine ranking rises as you earn more authoritative backlinks.

The Secret to Building a Great Backlink Profile

The secret to building a great backlink profile is...more complex than we have time to explain in an SEO 101 course. But don't worry. We have plenty of other lessons available on our blog.

In any case, you can always reach out to us if you have questions about your SEO strategy. We'd be more than happy to answer your questions.

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The Picture Perfect Guide to Plastic Surgery SEO - Sarasota, FL

Picture Perfect Guide to Plastic Surgery

The number of minor cosmetic procedures has jumped by almost 200 percent since 2000.

With a new acceptance of plastic surgery, more people will search for plastic surgeons online. But how do you make sure they find your practice?

If you want to market plastic surgery SEO is the way forward. Read on to learn how.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It's the way you get the most out of your website to enable users to find you in search engine results.

The algorithms regularly change but at its heart, SEO depends on your website's content is clear and easy to understand for users. The longer a user spends on your site, the more signals that send to Google that your website is helpful.

And the higher it will push you up the search results to help other people searching for information on that topic.

That's vital if you want potential patients to find your website and consider your services while they're comparing what's available.

The no.1 spot in Google gets 33 percent of search traffic so you need to appear as high as possible in the results.

Think Local for Your Plastic Surgery SEO

Local SEO will be your biggest friend when you're considering SEO for plastic surgeons. Why?

It focuses attention on your website for people in the same geographic area as you. That's important if you're offering physical services like plastic surgery.

68 percent of users perform searches on their smartphone to find information guiding future purchases. This is why it's so crucial that your website is mobile friendly.

But it also means you need your website to appear near the top of the rankings.

Claim your business page on Google My Business. Fill out the business details and make sure they match those on your website.

Display testimonials prominently and kindly ask previous patients to write testimonials on review sites to further boost your SEO credentials.

Optimize landing pages for local keywords, so sprinkle them throughout headers, titles, and even image captions.

And build links with suitable local entities. Sponsor local events to get your name and URL linked from newspaper websites.

Quality sites like this help confer a level of 'credibility' onto yours in the eyes of Google.

Getting SEO Right Turns On A Faucet of Leads

Once you get SEO right, it turns your website into a 24/7 salesperson. If people are searching for that information, then they're a better-qualified lead.

Compare that to Facebook ads, where they may not be interested when they first see your message.

Make sure you have a clear Sarasota plastic surgery website design to wow those visitors. Show them you're professional and dedicated to answering their questions to help build trust.

After all, SEO is all about showing Google that you're a helpful resource.

In Conclusion

Now you know that when it comes to marketing plastic surgery, SEO can be your best friend. Particularly local SEO.

Follow these tips to boost your web presence in the Sarasota area. Or, if you'd like more help, contact us today.

We can handle your Sarasota marketing, leaving you to focus on helping people find their best selves.

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5 Tips for the Best Local SEO for Sarasota Doctors

BestLocal SEO

Braving medical school and establishing yourself as a Sarasota medical professional is a major accomplishment, but are you prepared to take on the world of search engine optimization?

Yes, today's Sarasota doctors need to get their feet wet in the digital marketing world in order to succeed. But don't worry, establishing a great web presence and generating tons of traffic doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds.

Here are five of the best local SEO tips to help you dominate your local search results.

1. Learn The Basics of Local SEO

While SEO is a remarkably complex beast, the good news is that you only really need to know the basics.

This is going to require a fair bit of time on your part, so get ready to do some studying. You'll want to make an effort to regularly read articles just like these that outline basic SEO principles.

Make sure you're keeping up with industry trends, even if your research is only once per month or so. Search algorithms change on a frequent basis, and a single mistake can cost you your prized position on Google.

2. Think Of Your Sarasota Practice As A Brand, Not Just A Location

While you know that how wonderful and special your practice is, much of the local public may not have a clue.

The best way to reach them is to stop viewing your practice as a singular location and start viewing it as a brand.

Branding is quintessential in today's advertising world, as it endears your company to the public.

Ultimately, your brand's voice is up to you. However, it's worth noting that branding trends tend to favor warmer, more conversational voices.

A simple way to get in the habit of building your brand is to think about the qualities that separate you from the competition. Then, you can leverage those qualities throughout your local search optimization efforts.

3. Start a Blog

Blogging isn't something many doctors consider themselves experts in. But lucky for you, blogging for SEO is actually quite easy.

All you need is a bit of time, a blog page on your website, and a list of topics.
Generally, these topics should aim to achieve two purposes.

First, they should inform and entertain the ideal reader (in this instance, your future patients).

Second, your blog should build up a steady stream of both internal and external linking. Including both types of links in your posts is a great way to have Google recognize your expertise.

4. Make Patient Reviews A Priority

84 percent of your customers value an online review as much as a friend's recommendation. Make it your goal to generate as many reviews as possible.

If a site allows local reviews, it's a good idea to list your business.

5. Pick The Right Keywords

Finally, make sure that you use the proper keywords throughout your web content.

Each of the following considerations should be taken into account as you start to build up your web presence:

  • Location-specific
  • Your specialization
  • High-ranking keywords
  • How your audience may phrase a search query

In truth, there's a lot more that goes into choosing a keyword that what you see. But for now, this is all you need to know.

Use These Five Best Local SEO Tips To Get The Attention You Deserve

There you have it, five of the best local SEO tips for doctors looking to make a splash in their local search results.

Need a bit of help with your marketing strategy? We're here to help, no matter where you are in the marketing process.

Be sure to get in touch so you can see the difference a professional local SEO campaign makes.

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