How to Take the Sting Out of Bad Reviews

Take the Sting Out of Bad Reviews

Nothing hurts quite like excitedly scrolling to read reviews for a business that consumes all your waking moments only to come across a rotten tomato in the bunch.

Though you may never learn to love bad Yelp reviews, they shouldn't cripple you. Remember, your world appears as you perceive it.

Here are ways to change your perception of bad reviews in order to ease the sting.

Negative Reviews Provide Constructive Feedback

If you only focus on the negativity, then you will never learn from your mistakes. Instead, read what they say with an open mind and review the aspect of your business they felt unsatisfied with.

For instance, let's say a restaurant review reads, "The service here is terrible! The waitress spilled milk on the table and nobody was friendly!"

Instead of crying over spilled milk, you should see who was working and research to see if anybody on that day typically receives complaints. If so, watch them. If not, ask your employees what happened.

Also, now you can watch for similar reviews. This review opened your eyes to a possible issue and gave you the opportunity to:

  • talk to employees about expectations, like always acting friendly
  • fire a bad apple
  • review your employee handbook and fix it to match customer expectations

If nobody ever tells us what they don't like, then how will we always give them what they do like?

People Only Hate What They Know

People cannot hate a business that they never heard of. Congratulations! Your marketing efforts made you visible.

Visible or not, some reviews can make you feel like an ant getting stepped on, but keep focusing on the positive. Your business is visible, functioning, and expanding!

In quality service, get used to:

  • the happy customer, who raves about your business
  • the yappy customer, who complains about your business
  • the quiet customer, who politely walks away

Silence is your enemy in business! So even a bad review is better than the dissatisfied customer who leaves without a word.

Bad Reviews Offer the Chance to Apologize

Sometimes a bad review feels like instant doom... dun-dun-duuuun!

It's not.

Sometimes people who really enjoy the product or service a business provides simply want to give a heads up that something is momentarily out of whack. Loyal customer or not, their feedback offers you the chance to apologize and make it right.

Harvard Business Review explains that customer apologies should always come with an explination and an offer to make things right. If you pull off this apology well, you could gain long-term loyalty and respect; an opportunity that the bad review placed in your lap.

Sometimes It's Them, Not You

We all know, the customer is always right; but sometimes, they're not. Sometimes a bad review stems from deep-rooted childhood pain that they decided to project on your business.

Remember, some people love chocolate, while others will only eat vanilla; there are even people out there who hate rainbow sprinkles. I'm not here to judge them but to show you that you might not be their taste.

To help you through the sting of a bad review, search through bad Yelp reviews of similar companies, to see if they get similar feedback.

Moving Forward

Move forward, arming yourself with the opportunity that bad review provides.

Contact us for help developing marketing content that will keep reviews, good, bad, and awesome, pouring in.

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How to Increase Online Dentist Leads With Bite

Increase Online Dentist Leads

When you started your dental practice, all you heard was how important it was to have a website. You followed the wisdom. You invested in a website that looks professional and has a great design. So why isn't it bringing you any leads?

In truth, a website isn't all you need. For a successful web presence, you need to take the next step and help your site gain visibility. Starting with the basics of search engine optimization can go a long way toward getting your site to pop up in those all-important Google searches.

To get started and boost your online dentist leads, try these tips.

Tips to Increase Your Online Dentist Leads

If you aren't getting new patients, it could be because they haven't found you. Try these strategies to get more leads:

1. Make Your Site an Informational Resource

If your site's only purpose is to introduce your practice, you'll show up for a select few search terms. On the other hand, if you have informational pages about root canals, dental exams, veneers, and more, your site could show in Google for any of these search terms as well.

As an added bonus, having more information on your site shows patients that you know what you're talking about.

2. Claim Your Local Business Listing with Google

Claiming or adding your local business listing with Google has a number of benefits.

First, it tells Google that you're a legitimate business. That boosts your SEO right away. Second, it lets you respond to and manage patient reviews. There are plenty of other advantages, but these are the two that make an instant difference.

Claiming your Google business listing is a quick process, but it's one you have to initiate.

3. Invest in Search Engine Marketing

When you do a Google search, chances are that the first three or four results are paid for.

With search engine marketing through Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), you can pay to appear higher for certain search terms. This is a direct way to boost your visibility and get more leads.

4. Get Social

If you aren't already, get on social media. Create and verify your Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram. Depending on your brand, other social media platforms may be a good fit as well.

Social media is a great place to spread the word and share helpful dental care tips and other information. Even fun videos can bring more leads into your door. Still, medical offices on social media have to abide by certain privacy guidelines, so use it wisely.

5. Make it Easy for Patients to Get in Touch

Your future patients are busy people, and they might not have time to call for an appointment during business hours. If they're looking for dentists in the evening, you also want to capture the lead before they "cool off."

To do this, let patients contact you on your website. Create a contact form or give them an email address to click.

Boosting Your Dental Practice's Online Presence

The internet is full of clutter and over-information, so the challenge is cutting through and reaching the right people. To get the dentist leads your practice needs, follow the steps above as a starting point.

If you want more hands-on marketing help, contact our marketing experts.

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