4 Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Practice


If you've landed on this article, chances are you're one of the nearly 150,000 dentists in America.

Do you own or operate a dental practice? Do you need to find new and better ways to attract a bigger client base? Are you wondering if there are any special dental marketing ideas out there for you?

Well, there are. And you better use them. Because the profession is expected to grow 19.1% in the next ten years -- so you can't afford to get left behind.

Leave the 2:30/tooth-hurt-y jokes at the door. People are looking for concise, professional, reputable dentist. And that's not surprising when you're talking about something as important as teeth.

Here are a few proven ways to increase your leads and establish a larger base of customers.

1. Google Is Your Friend

80% of internet users have searched for a health-related topic online. 21% of those queries were for finding a specific doctor or hospital.

That number is nothing to scoff at. When those people are searching for a "dentist near me," your practice needs to appear at the top of the results. Otherwise, you're on page 2, 3, 4 -- the ultimate dead zone.

Register your practice with Google My Business. This allows you to show up in local searches, update info, and communicate with clients.

2. So Is Your Website

You need to have an accessible, scalable website to get considered worthy of business. It doesn't take long for someone to judge your website, either. We're talking less than two-tenths of a second.

If someone finds yourself on your page, make sure it's conveying the right message. Make it clear, concise, and easy to navigate. What else can you do?

  • Ensure that it's mobile-friendly
  • Make informative blog posts that encourage a user to stay on your site reading
  • Study up on the power of keywords

Above all, make it user-friendly. No 404 errors; no broken links; no confusion.

3. Consider Email Marketing

This is a huge market that many physicians aren't using. This is your opportunity to stand out.

Only 15% of people use email to communicate with their doctors. But they want more access than that. So give it to them -- in the form of appointment reminders, a "How are you doing?" check-up, and more.

Over 90% of physicians aren't using this platform. Be the 10% that does.

4. Let the Photos Speak

Dentistry doesn't exactly translate well into photos. No one is dying to see a photo of a root canal or a cavity when they're scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

But those aren't your only choices. Before-and-after pictures speak volumes about your work. They're physical proof, visual referrals from those who have gotten your services.

Set up a space in your practice where you can take photos of bright, white, healthy teeth. Your patients will love sharing the photos themselves, and as a bonus, so can you. Of course, don't forget to ask permission.

Implement These Dental Marketing Ideas ASAP

In fact, no later than tooth-hurt-y. We mean, 2:30.

All jokes aside, your practice could use some (or all) of these services. Even confirming your business with Google draws immediate attention. Don't overlook any area.

Are you considering using some of these dental marketing ideas? Then check out why you should leave the tough work to the professionals.

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Your Guide to Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Guide to Social Media Marketing

When you're a dentist, you don't have time to focus on much else than your patients. But if you want to expand your practice and bring in new patients, you should be spending some time on your marketing efforts.

Social media for dentists is the easiest way for you get started in marketing. It can help you reach a lot of customers, and can be easy to get up and running.

Not sure where to start with social media marketing? Don't worry, we're here to help.

If you want to use social media marketing for your dental practice, start with these tips.

Post Consistently

One of the first rules of dental social media marketing is to establish a schedule.

Social media profiles aren't something businesses can start up then neglect for a few months. Inactive profiles can look unprofessional, and can even make some people wonder if you're still open and practicing.

Think about how much time you have to devote to social media, and develop a schedule around that.

If you feel like you won't have enough time to maintain your profiles, plan out some content ahead of time and schedule posts.

Facebook has a built-in scheduling for business profiles, and you can use a social media tool for other profiles to handle scheduling.

Show Your Expertise

Some professionals struggle to use social media because they feel that they have to directly sell their services.

Every post you make shouldn't be an ad for a product or a service. Your posts should be educational or entertaining for users.

As a dentist, you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. You can make informative posts about dental and gum health, proper dental care tips, and information on dental procedures.

Sharing your knowledge with people is a covert way of advertising on social media. Buy showing your knowledge, you can convey that you're an expert and that can compel people to use your services.

Encourage Content Creation

Posting pictures of your office on social media can be helpful, but having patients post pictures of your office would be even better.

Pictures of your office, check-ins, and other user-generated content are great for business profiles. It shows that people are interested in your services and that they're happy enough with you to post it to their personal profiles.

Have a sign at the front desk that has your social profiles, and let patients know that you love seeing their posts.

When you add the sign with your social profiles, be sure to ask for reviews.

Restaurants aren't the only places that get reviews. Plenty of medical practices get reviews, and dental reviews could help bring in more patients.

Do you know of a patient that had a particularly outstanding experience at your office? Ask them to write a review for you and to post it on social.

Beyond Social Media For Dentists

Now that you know how to use social media for dentists, you're feeling eager to get started.

Check out our post on how to properly verify your Facebook page. Starting off with a verified page can help your social media marketing efforts.

And remember, we're always here to help. Contact us with any questions you may have so we can answer your important questions.

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