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Karma Marketing + Media knows that Sarasota business owners have enough details to work through every day without adding data analysis into the mix.

That's why we at Karma handle ALL your business web reports and data analysis for you! Not only that, Karma analyzes all of your customer impact, so you know how effective your communications are and how to attract future business.

You know that SEO statistics are crucial for your company to rank high at Google. Karma Marketing + Media analyzes all of your rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as measuring how you compare to the competition.

Whatever you need to bump up to the next level, Karma will get you there!

Call Michael Given at (941) 500-4530 today and give your business the Local SEO boost it needs!

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Our Business Is Helping Yours

Our Business Is Helping YoursAt Karma Marketing + Media, our business is helping your business. The better you look, the better we look! That's why our web services are designed to maximize your online presence and give you your best face forward. We at Karma deal with businesses of all different stripes, and enjoy a wide variety of clients. Please browse our website for some samples of different styles of web pages: From fitness websites and online pharmacies to resorts and restaurants to memorial tribute websites, Karma does it all with polish and professional style. Contact Karma Marketing + Media today and give your web portfolio the boost it deserves.

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Revitalize Your Look

St Cloud Website Redesign

We at Karma Marketing + Media know that your business website is your home base. Just like a real home, sometimes you need to update and revitalize your appearance to fortify for the future. A new look for your website attracts new business, streamlines SEO, and gives your website that extra WOW factor. Karma recently redesigned a website for our clients Tony's Lifetime Exteriors. Same great business, fresh new website! Karma was happy to help Tony's put their best face forward and revitalize their website. Karma Marketing + Media isn't just about the look of your business, it's about your brand and maximizing that brand across all possible platforms. Call Karma today and discover what we can do for YOUR brand.

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Latest News Headlines - What Should Yours Say?


Are people reading your headlines in your latest news / blog? How can you be sure? You want a great headline that really captures your audience - that's what we all want!

In this article David Ogilvy famously said, “On average, only 1 out of 5 readers gets beyond your headline.” Make sure your article solves a problem for your audience. What does your audience need? What problem are you addressing? One of the keys to a great latest news post is creating content that achieves a goal.

Need some direction? Not sure where to start? Don't know what to talk about? On our monthly marketing system calls we always start with your customer questions. It's so important. Listening to your customer can make or break the future direction of your company/organization. Give your audience the answers they are looking for. "In other words, 'They ask, you answer.'"

If you find yourself needing help getting your latest news feed off the ground or want someone to help maintain your blog providing insightful content that makes sense and speaks to your audience, connect with Michael Given (941) 500-4530.


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Content Strategy - Do You Have One?

Mar03_Inspirational“Content Strategy” has become a buzz phrase in our industry. It’s what all the cool kids are talking about with their clients. Don’t get us wrong…we’ve been talking a lot to our new clients and current clients about their content strategy.

The truth is - traditionally websites have been a digital dumping ground for content. Meaning - everything you have ever written, gathered, thought, heard, said has made it to a page on your website - somewhere.

But the question is and should be - Is that content achieving any of your goals? Is it providing a solution to your client? If the answer is no - it may be time for a change.

    If you are sitting down to take a serious look at the content on your website, consider:
  • What does your client need/expect from you?
  • What is the purpose of the content?
  • Who is the content for?

Make sure you are providing clarity, being a solution to their problem, informing them of buying decisions, and directing change - whatever that change means to your business.

If you start there - the whole idea of “content strategy” can work for your business, no matter the size.

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Michael Given Weighs in on Selfies as Passwords

Michael Given recently sat down with Sarasota’s own Joes Panek with "What’s Up, Joey?” to discuss the future of selfies as passwords. What does Michael Given and Kim Kardashian have in common?! Why, selfies! of course.

The future of digital security may be facial recognition technology - is it for you? Selfies may be the new password - what do you think about that? You maybe saying - this isn’t for me. But as Michael points out, Facebook is already using this technology. So, it looks like it’s here to stay.

The bottom line is… “Selfies are back!”

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“If Evernote Was a Person, I’d Give it a Hug"


Our feature of the month is our beloved app: Evernote. Evernote has the ability to change how you do business - really it does! In this article, Evernote teaches you how to “Achieve Your Most Successful Year Yet”…who doesn’t want that?! If you do not know how to get the most out of Evernote, make sure you read the article, it’s full of great tips.

Although everyone on team Karma uses Evernote differently, we all recognize the power of the tool. In a digital world, what’s better than an app that’s able to “store ideas, notes, web clips, receipts, recipes, important documents, event details, and more.” It’s so true - "using Evernote on every device and it’s a tool that is flexible and incredibly powerful to use as to structure all your goals this year."

Don’t give up on those 2015 goals yet. There is still time to get organized, get focused, and win (using Evernote).

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Website Changes and Email Marketing - Are You Being Strategic About Your Efforts?

Sarasota Website Changes and Sarasota Email Marketing

Are you sending email messages out to your clients, guests, and prospects? Are they representing your business in the way you would like them to?

We stepped in to help one of our friends in Venice, FL and below is what he had to say:

"Yep, I tossed out a firecracker and then you come along an toss out a grenade! looks awesome. I know.....awesome is what you do. Thanks for the great work.“ Karie Daniels, Cool Breeze Boat Rentals

We understand that marketing your business might not be your favorite thing. But it IS ours!

If you just don’t have time or the tools to make the changes you want to make to your website or email marketing, give Karma Marketing + Media a call.

Contact Michael Given (941) 500-4530 to hear how Karma Marketing + Media can support your efforts and create a strategic plan that meets your business goals and supports your marketing efforts.

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Monthly Marketing System - Does It Make Sense for Your Business?

Monthly Marketing System

If you are sitting there thinking to yourself, "How do I create content that will help me grow my business, make more money and allow me to have more free time?” Then the Karma Marketing + Media monthly marketing system is right for you.

How does it work? Karma Marketing + Media connects with you monthly to determine what’s happening with your business? As a business owner, manager, or company leader, you have to be looking toward something. We just need to talk about what that is - maybe it’s something like a company vision, a soft spot in your business cycle that needs to be fixed, a new product, new service/offerings. Maybe you are a business that follows a seasonal calendar - or functions around calendar holidays. What is coming up for you? What excites you? And what do you want future/potential clients to know about you? There’s something happening and we'll get to the bottom of things.

We all can agree the economy is getting better. We’re all getting more business. We’re all getting busier. But the truth is we all need to take a breath and think about our own business, and be able to communicate that to your virtual marketing department, which is us.

We want you to be successful. Really successful. Start 2015 off right and begin the marketing system that will change the direction of the business. Michael Given (941) 500-4530 for details or more information how how a Monthly Marketing Package can change your business and free up some of your valuable time.

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Karma Block Hours - Why Would You Need Them?


Great question! Do you want access to a Graphic Designer? A Copy-righter? A Website Developer? A Social Media Expert? One-on-one time with Michael Given? Karma Marketing + Media Block Hours can be used for any and all combinations of the above Karma experts. Maybe you don’t know what you need - that’s ok too. Purchase the Block Hours now and use them any time in the future.

Monthly Marketing System members - Block Hours are used in combination of the plan to enhance our marketing efforts.

If you need more hours than my plan allows for custom graphics, further web development, etc. we suggest purchasing and utilizing some block hours. We’ve had some pretty decent success with just ten hour packages of block hours or twenty hour packages that can get used above and beyond the marketing plan, or the monthly marketing packages. So let’s say you’re on the $750 plan, but you want some additional website changes. Well then that ten hours that you have pre-purchased can just be used for whatever it is you need done with the website.

Block Hours can be used in situations where more print or product related artwork is desired as well. Utilizing Block Hours for access to your own graphic designer (graphic design services) - may not be in the plan that you've chosen, so Block Hours supplement the artwork time. This also works for any types of services that aren’t in the plan that you initially selected.

If you would like to make some small (or not so small) changes to your website, marketing, logo, social media voice - then purchase Karma Block Hours and let us take care of the rest.

Block Hours are purchased in blocks of 10 hours. Now until January 15, 2015, Karma Block Hours will be only $90 per hour! Purchase your Block Hours today and be ready to hit the ground running in 2015. Call Michael Given (941) 500-4530 for details or to reserve your hours.
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How Does Karma Do It? How Do We Generate Content About YOUR Business?


Generating marketing content specifically for your business is easier than you think.

Here is a little about our process:
When we connect on our monthly marketing call, the call is recorded.

"Why do you record our calls?", you may ask.

Because that is how we have hacked the system to get your ideas, thoughts, and words into content that can be used to successfully market your business. This saves you a TON of time by not having to actually write copy. The copy is created as quickly as you can talk about your services, products, specials, events, product features, etc.

During your call, we ask strategic questions that get to the heart of what you want to focus on for marketing your business. After the call, it goes straight to transcription and then we kick that transcription over to our copywriter for editing.

The content from our monthly calls is edited and crafted for your marketing channels:
  • Website Blog / Latest News (up to 5/mth)
  • Website Content Updates (FAQ's, New Pages)
  • Social Media Messaging (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Constant Contact E-Blast Design & Mailings

This provides consistent messaging provides useful and engaging content for your potential and current customers.

If you would like more information on how this actually works, and if it works, connect with Michael (941) 500-4530 for more information.
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You’ve Sent An Email to Your Email List, Now What?

What to do after that painstaking, time consuming email is sent? You’ve spent a lot of time crafting your message, creating a great call-to-action and maybe even putting together some nice graphics and you just hit the submit button - now what?

Karma Marketing + Media can show you how to leverage your Constant Contact report to meet your goals. What do you do with the opens, the click-throughs, etc? How do you follow-up and what information do you include in your follow-up?

Call Michael (941) 500-4530 to discuss your situation and what goals you have for marketing to your email list.

After-all...your list is your business.
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What Do You Look Like to Your Clients?


Sending out a quick email to highlight a new product or service, share new business hours, or just to inform your clients about something burning seems like a quick to-do you can check off your list before you finish your first cup of coffee tomorrow morning, right? Well, you may want to think again. Open rates and click through rates can vary greatly depending on the overall look/messaging of your email campaign. No time to put the needed thought and effort into that email? You may want to call in the experts.

Karma Marketing + Media creates custom email marketing campaigns that speak to your audience with the right tone, the right words and the right graphics. Email marketing has never been so easy. So…sit back. Sip that coffee. Have a quick conversation with us about the goal of the email and then go about your day. We’ll take care of the rest!

Email Marketing Services with Karma Marketing + Media includes: the set-up of your Constant Contact account, the import and organization of your Constant Contact database, contact exports from web forms to Constant Contact, creative/strategic graphic design, Constant Contact mailings, text to opt-in feature, open/click-rate reporting.

If you are interested in hearing more about Karma Marketing + Media’s email marketing services, give Michael a quick call at (941) 500-4530 and he’ll get you the answers you need. We look forward to making your email marketing plans of your dreams! 

CLICK HERE for more information on Email Marketing Services.
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Strategic Monthly Marketing Packages


Are you stretched thin trying to run and grow your business? Looking for a solution? Outsourcing your marketing department - or getting a marketing plan - could be the solution for you.

Karma Marketing + Media's (Sarasota, FL) monthly marketing packages are perfect for small to medium-sized companies. We come along-side you and support you where you need it most - communicating with your community.

You need more than HOPE for your marketing / sales efforts. Karma Marketing + Media is your outsourced marketing department. We have over 12 years experience in helping businesses get to the next level by providing quality strategic marketing services. View examples of marketing packages here. Look good to you? It could be time to get more information!

Feel free to connect with Michael (941) 500-4530 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CLICK HERE for more information on Monthly Marketing plans that will work for you.
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Thank you for your interest in Karma Marketing + Media, your full-service Sarasota website design & virtual marketing company.

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